Technician Worked Very Hard
"I think the technician who came from Chem-Dry worked very hard. I have no negative things to say at all about the work. The only consideration to me was that the price was a little bit high. I've worked with other places that were significantly cheaper. I tried Chem-Dry this time because people told me it wouldn't be wet as long, which was definitely true. I would probably use them again, but I think I would look a little closer at the price first."
- Dave P., Olathe, KS, 10/10/2017

Always Been Good To Me
"I always have a great experience with Chem-Dry of Johnson & Jackson Counties. My family has used them for several years and we can always expect the same quality. I like how easy it is to make an appointment. I normally have them come to clean all the carpets in my home. The workers are polite young men and very professional. I am always happy with the price they charge and have no complaints."
- Robert D., Kansas City, MO, 10/02/2017

Good Experience
"Chem-Dry of Johnson & Jackson Counties did a nice job. I found them by doing an online search and they looked to be a reputable business. It was easy to make an appointment with them and they came out a couple of days after my initial call. I had them do a simple cleaning job on a couple of carpets. The pricing was a bit on the high side but my carpets look great so I don't mind."
- Karl E., Kansas City, MO, 9/29/2017

Great and Affordable Service.
"I believe we have used Chem-Dry of Johnson and Jackson Counties a couple times in the past but we frequently move states so I can't be too sure. Most recently they cleaned an area rug for me that we hadn't cleaned for a long time and it came out looking good as new. We have used other carpet/rug cleaning companies in the past and they really do not compare. The method and process that Chem-Dry uses are so efficient and environmentally friendly, we have never had any of the stains come back but they do also provide a guarantee that if they do come back they will come back and get them out again. They are very affordable and we will definitely be using them again for our other rugs once they get dirty."
- Melanie M., Kansas City, MO, 9/15/2017

Great Cleaning!
"Chem-Dry of Johnson & Jackson Counties is a great service and I am planning on using them again in the future. I found them from doing a quick search on google. The woman over the phone was very nice and helped me figure out what service I needed. A few days later, a couple of guys stopped by to pick up my area rugs and take them to the cleaning facility. I got them back a week later and I am really happy with the service. I recommend them!"
- Sally M., Overland Park, KS, 9/8/2017

Great Cleaning!
"My family has been using Chem-Dry of Johnson & Jackson Counties for around 8 years now and they always do an excellent job. I call them up around twice a year to come clean the carpet in a couple of rooms. The phone operators are always nice and patient. I have never had an issue with the cleaners and they always do great work. They also charge a reasonable price for the service. This is a great cleaning service!"
- Betty R., Mission, KS, 8/25/2017

Excellent Cleaning!
"I was looking for a good carpet cleaning service online and found Chem-Dry. I appreciated that it was easy to make an appointment that fit my schedule. I had them come out to clean the living room and one bedroom, we had them do the standard cleaning. The cleaners were professional and considerate of my home. Everything looks great and they took the stains out. I will call them again in the future and recommend them to others."
- Andrew S., Olathe, KS, 8/11/2017

Got the Stains Out!
"I have used other carpet cleaning services in the past but I wanted to try something new. I found Chem-Dry in the phone book and gave them a try. They came and did a carpet cleaning in my entire home. The cleaner that came out was professional and considerate of my home, which I appreciated. All the stains and odor is gone, I am very happy with how things turned out. I would use them again."
- Silvia S., Independence, MO, 8/4/2017

Removes All Stains!
"It's have been using Chem-Dry for a few years, I have always liked the results and the pricing is fair. Recently, I called them up for another cleaning. It's really easy to make appointments and have the cleaners come at a time that works best for me. I really liked the guy who came out during this visit and he did an excellent job. However, I am a bit disappointed about the cleaner he used to get out pet smells and stains. The chemical smell was supposed to go away after a few days but a few weeks later it's still there. I am still happy that all the stains are gone and in general it looks good."
- Stacy O., Shawnee, KS, 8/1/2017

Happy With The Results
"They did a great job. I had them clean the carpeting in my hallway, in addition to some other areas in my home, and it has looked very nice since they came out. Their technicians were prompt to arrive, friendly when speaking with me, and they were able to get the carpet cleaned in a timely manner. Since the cleaning, no stains or traffic patterns have resurfaced. I think the price for the work is fair, and I'm happy to recommend their services."
- Mike O., Kansas City, MO, 7/20/2017

Great Service, Very Pleased!
"I recently went to Chem-Dry of Johnson & Jackson Counties to have the carpeting in my house thoroughly cleaned, and was very pleased with how the work from them went. The people that came out from Chem-Dry were very friendly and professional while they were here, and did an excellent job keeping their work areas clean. The work was finished quickly and the carpets all look great after the cleaning. Overall I think Chem-Dry of Johnson & Jackson Counties did an excellent job with the work that I needed. I would definitely use their services again when needed, and I highly recommend their services."
- Patti S., Olathe, KS, 7/11/2017

On time, professional, and accomodating
"I had an excellent experience with Chem-Dry of Johnson & Jackson Counties. My cat had an accident on the carpet and I needed someone to clean it up. Chem-Dry did an excellent job removing the stain and getting rid of the smell. I could not even tell the affected area from the rest of the carpet. I had no problems throughout the process and everything went smoothly. The cleaners were on time, professional, and knowledgeable. I also appreciated that they were accommodating to my schedule. Their pricing is competitive for the great results that they get. This was my first time using Chem-Dry and I would definitely use them again in the future."
- John D., Stilwell, KS, 6/23/2017